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stories that speak.

At Bradley Productions, our heart’s desire is to share stories that truly speak to the world. Many stories aren’t often shared due to lack of time, money, or other resources. A couple years ago, we sat around a ping-pong table and decided to start a non-profit to be able to share those stories. Kala Project exists to share stories that would otherwise go untold by creating films that connect, provoke, and inspire.

Kala (pronounced kah-la) is a Greek word meaning good in the sense of beauty, order and rightness in the world. Kala Project began out of an organic desire to share untold stories that exist within and around us all; stories of people’s passion pointing to beauty in unexpected places.

Kala Project stories connect with those who view them because they are human stories. Stories of people like you and me who love, create, suffer, overcome, and find hope. We make these films because we too often mistake the extraordinary for ordinary and pass by opportunities to appreciate the beauty that exists all around us.

We are here to challenge the way you see the world and your relationships in a new way in hopes that you are inspired and changed to live differently into this new perspective.

To learn more, donate, or to submit a request for your story, visit the  Kala Website


Willie went to prison when he was 16 for armed robbery. He was released 11 years later. And after only being out of jail for a handful of years, he has completely turned his life around. Instead a life of violence, he is now living a life of love. We spent a day with Willie and got to know his family and what he does: he’s a factory worker, hip hop artist, and mentor. His story shows how everyone deserves a second chance, and that freedom is precious.

Sam I Am

Although he appears to be a normal (and extremely cute) 4 year old boy Sam suffers from a rare and serious heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. After undergoing 3 open heart surgeries and dealing with the many complications that follow Sam still has an incredible heart of joy! This video will help raise funds for Sam’s many treatments and show how God has been spreading hope through the life of His dear child, Sam.


Once you meet Isaac, your view on life won’t quite be the same. He has endured many struggles in his young life and every day is a battle to press on, but he finds great joy in simple things like playing games and hanging out with his friends.

Colonel Lieutenant Champion

Lieutenant Colonel Champion served 27 years in the Army and survived seven IED (Improvised Explosive Device) blasts, only to return home and have her sight stolen by a virus she caught in Iraq. Along with 4 other veterans, Colonel Champion was flown into Grand Rapids to participate in Fashion Has Heart’s design week.


We hope that this video will raise awareness about issues surrounding refugees everywhere, from the injustices and brutalities many have experienced in their home countries, to the feeling of having to leave everything behind and face the challenges of assimilating into a strange new culture.

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