this is our "why"

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times - we believe in the power of story.

Heres the thing: we are inspired by authenticity, creating spaces to share joy, dancing your face off, laughing until you cry, and most importantly we are inspired by stories with heart. At our core, we believe that the uniqueness that each couple brings to their wedding day is the key to creating an immersive wedding photography and film experience. We think that what makes your wedding amazing is not the venue, not the decor, not the dress, not the clever matching socks….what makes your wedding amazing is you. We promise to take the time to get to know you, what makes you excited, what makes you laugh, what makes you love. We are really jazzed you’re here! We are excited to meet you and hear your story.

meet our squad


Jodi is our fashion icon ever since she runway-walked onto our team and into our hearts as our flawless Studio Administrator.
Here are some things she does super fast:
1. run
2. reply to emails
3. chug a smoothie
There’s a 100% chance she’ll gush over your engagement ring.


She is the self-proclaimed “Queen of Bradley Productions”. As our Creative Head (and local royalty), she pours her heart into each one of our weddings. She’s a photographer, cinematographer, editor, and Red Sox fan. There's a 100% chance you will see her dancing at your wedding.

the guild

Our larger team is made up of the most talented people you’ll ever meet. We hand pick each team member for your wedding to provide you with your own crew of all-stars - We call them “The Guild”. They are dedicated artists ready to make your wedding look wicked amazing. On a totally biased note, you won’t find anyone better than the BP guild.